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We Made It To CRUFTS, 2022!

Well my adventure to Crufts 2022, the biggest dog show in the world, was a huge success. Daiquiri and I were the very first team to be accepted from all of North America to compete in Freestyle heelwork to music and even though we only had 8 weeks to prepare our routine (all the other competitors had well over a year) We tied for first place!! Getting 2nd in the end. The first time there has ever been a tie for first place. Enjoy our routine above and let us know what you think. 😉

WOW Daiquiri and Jennifer have broken 12, YES 12!!!! Official Guinness World Records!

SuperDogs the MUSICAL

Jennifer was so honored to be invited to showcase her dogs in the brand new SuperDogs Musical live on stage in Montreal at the Segal Centre. She performed with Fabio, Sambuca, Sprite, and Razzle and of course there was a special part written just for Daiquiri to perform his signature cheerleading routine. The time we spent with the actors, director, stage crew and trainers was unbelievable as everyone was so kind and talented. We has so much fun, learned so much and really have high hopes that the musical will tour. Jennifer hopes she and her dogs will be invited so that more people can enjoy this wonderful family musical with over 20 dogs performing!!

Canada's Got Talent, 2022

America's Got Talent

Jennifer and her team competed in the 2020 season of America’s Got Talent! But were unable to continue competing because of covid.

Some Photos of Their Audition

Resources For Dog Owners

Journey Through Puppyhood

By Veronica L. Wiley

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Make your dog a STAR or at least get them well trained and socialized!
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More Photos of Their AGT Adventures

Follow Along On Their Adventures