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Jennifer has been successfully competing with dogs for over 35 years, starting at a very young age. She has accumulated prizes, ribbons, certificates, trophies and awards from multiple dog training sports. After years of competing, Jennifer started looking for something more. She wanted to both challenge herself and her dogs as well as entertain people and make them smile. She decided to began her trick training, and the America’s Got Talent journey in 2019.

Daiquiri and Jennifer broke the Guinness World Records record, of the most dog tricks in 60 seconds. Watch a preview here . Since then, Daiquiri and Jennifer have claimed 12 Guinness World Records in total so far, with more to come!

Jennifer and 5 of her dogs performed in 20 live productions of SuperDogs the musical Montreal 2021!

Jen and Daiquiri’s Family Life

Jennifer Fraser is the proud owner of Paradise Kennels, a small luxury country dog hotel that she built from the ground up 15 years ago that is family run. It is located on her property, east of Calgary Alberta Canada, where she lives with her husband of 20 years and four children.

Jennifer began learning how to train dogs from her Grandmother Peggy at the age of three, in Saskatchewan and started training professionally at the age of thirteen.



Jennifer started her own dog training business two years later, which ran successfully for twelve years, until she opened Paradise Kennels to stay home with her dogs and kids. Jennifer and her dogs are currently cast members of the Superdogs Team. She actively competes in a variety of dog sports including agility, obedience, rally obedience, confirmation with past experience in herding, fly ball, scent hurdling and protection work.


While living in Italy for a few months, Jennifer discovered trick training, and started street performing with her dogs to make ends meet while her children were in school. It was in Italy that she found a new passion in trick training, a passion that involved challenging herself and her dogs. Jennifer now spends her days at home ensuring Paradise Kennels is running smoothly, keeping fit, training her dogs, earning multiple Guinness World Records and raising her family. Jennifer likes challenging herself to be creative in her dog trick routines, traveling to entertain and making people smile.