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Board & Train and See Results!

Paradise Kennels is proud to announce world renowned Dog Trainer, competitor and performer Jennifer Fraser is now accepting applications for Board and Train at her facility. Board and train is a unique dog training experience putting your dog in the capable hands of a professional dog trainer for full training.

Training a dog takes a lot of time and patience.  Busy families and professionals don’t always have the time, patience, or the experience to train their own dog. Jennifer has all the knowledge, time and experience to ensure your beloved dog gets the education they need to be the best family pet they can be.

Board and train programs are where your dog comes & lives/works with the trainer in their home. You will see faster results with our board and train programs, because your dog is working with our experienced trainer for many hours of the day. We work with your dog to give them the skills they need to succeed for when they return home.

Note: All the skills learned during the board and train will need to be practiced and used at home once the program ends. Our board and train set you up for success, it is up to YOU to make sure that success continues at home. If you just go back to your old habits, your dog’s old habits may also start to resurface. We also include sessions at the end for the owners, so we can make sure they know what is expected once home.

The dogs absolutely love the one-on-one personal attention and the way the Board and Train programs are structured allows them to learn in a short period of time. And quick results mean that you save money. So, it’s great for your dog and great for your budget, too.

“How long would my dog have to stay?”

That depends upon what you would want as a goal. What type of behavior correction would you like to see. And it also depends upon the behavior of your dog.  Every dog has its own personality so every dog is different.  That’s why we start everyone out with a Dog Training Evaluation.  So from that first meeting, we’ll understand your objectives and we get to meet your dog.

Jennifer’s unique program includes:

Full top to bottom physical assessment of your dog’s health

Your dog will live in Jennifer’s home away with her and her family to ensure %100 care and attention is given throughout the program

Full temperament assessment and Dog training evaluation

Conversation with the clients to ensure that their needs are being met and that any problems, concerns and training goals are kept in mind.

Multiple videos and picture of your dog progress throughout their stay. Including informational videos for clients to learn at home and put into practice.

An in-home lesson to ensure the clients are following the training practices put in place.

Ongoing conversations after the program is complete to ensure that problems are stopped before they happen and that the training is continuing at home consistently.

Training in real world situations which means Jennifer will take your dog into the city to practice the techniques learned at her facility. Training with distractions, on the street, kids and cars and making sure your dog will listen under all environments.

Cost: $4500 a month

Unlike many other board and train facility’s Jennifer is a positive trainer which means no abusive pinch collars or shock collars are used when she trains. Absolutely no abuse is tolerated of any sort at Jennifer’s facility or in her training program. This means that Jennifer will take the time to develop a relationship with your beloved dog treated it like one of her own and ensuring she is communicating respectfully with your dog without having to harm your dog in any way. This kind and caring way of training does take more time, but in the end you will have a dog that wants to please you instead of a dog that is scared of you and only listens to avoid pain and punishment.

Length of how many monthly sessions vary with each dog.

Jennifer will only be taking 3 dogs a month into the board and train program starting in September of 2023. 

Kindly send an email to enquire about the program and to receive an application.

Jennifer will then pick and choose which lucky dogs will be brought into her special program, the rest will be put on a waiting list.

Have you dog trained by the best of the best.