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Meet Daiquiri - The Dog That Has 13 Guinness Records

Australian Shepherd (7 Years Old)

Daquiri has done it all…..

America’s Got Talent 2020 and Canada’s Got Talent 2021. He has competed in the biggest dog show in the world in England representing Canada in K-9 freestyle (Dog Dancing) 2022 and 2023. Daiquiri has been flown to Chili to perform as well as Germany to compete at the European championship in freestyle. Daiquiri has 12, yes 12 Guinness World Records for dog tricks with plans to get more. He was featured in a show called Dog of the Year and flown to Milan Italy to be featured in a Guinness World Record show.

You will see Daiquiri perform one of many acts on stage including his magic Warlock act and his balancing acrobatic act. He is a very sweet dog, hence the name Daiquiri and is the most talented well trained and respected dog in Jennifer’s home. I hope you get a chance to see him perform live one day.

You can see Daiquiri and his partner Jennifer videos on their website.

Meet Fabio - Fabio is “Fabulous Darling”

Afghan Hound (4 Years Old)

Wanting the ultimate challenge, Jennifer brought home what she was told, was the most unintelligent and untrainable breed of dog – an Afghan-Hound. She swiftly set aside all past prejudices while working with this special boy. Jennifer learned that sometimes it is not the breed that makes the dog, but the trainer.

Fabio has won several high in trials in rally obedience and has excelled in trick training. He also showcases with the Canine Circus Team, making him a beautiful favorite of the crowd. Brains and beauty are a rare combination for this breed, but Jennifer is thrilled to have this handsome boy to train with the team.

Fabio was born on July 4th/2018, and like his birthday, he is independent. But that does not stop him from wanting to train and be with his favorite person. Perhaps he is special… or perhaps it is the training and dedication Jennifer has put into him…. perhaps a little of both. Either way, Fabio is one-of-a-kind.

Meet Champagne - A Sweet and Smart Girl

Border Collie (2 Years Old)

Born Jan 13, 2020. She is Jennifer’s first border collie. Champagne is full of life, super smart and thrilled to find such a fun, active home. Her signature howl/bark when she is excited has become a family favorite and she always has the entire family joining in on her joyful vocalization. “It is a good thing we live out in the country as our neighbors would think we are crazy always barking with our lovely Champagne.” She is a little shy but has the skills to really show off as her training progresses. We are expecting great things from this crazy girl. So raise your glass to Champagne!!

Meet Chardonnay - As Wild As They Come

Australian Shephard (9 Months Old)

Chardonnay (born May 27/22  is a spunky Aussie destined to take over for Daiquiri once he retires as Jennifer must always have at least one blue merle in the home at all time. Bred by an exceptional breeder: Ronni (you can order her book on this site) she runs Desert Kingdom Sports Dogz in Arizona.

Chardonnay is everything an aussie should be. Smart, fun, fast and way too busy for the average household. She has already been on many grand adventures and even started performing on stage with the Canine Circus. Jennifer and Chardonnay are currently working on a light show routine where both will be dressed in LED’s from head to toe to put on quite a show but that will have to wait until Chardonnay grows out of her teenage stage and starts to focus. Until then Jennifer is making sure she stays healthy, active and challenged to grow up and fill Daiquiri’s very large paws!