Dogs in Training


Sambuca is one of Jennifer’s dogs in training, soon to be a superstar like Daiquiri!


Sambuca is a red merle Australian Shepherd, also from Illinois, born Dec 17/2016. He is very colourful in both temperament and coat. His flashiness is paired with a slight lack of self-preservation and he tends to be reckless at times. However, is so incredibly smart, and this is a fantastic tool to challenge Jennifer’s dog training skills. Jen feels he will surpass Daiquiri in no time.

Once Sambuca is locked onto a new task, he learns it with alarming speed, and is willing to do things that even the bravest of dogs would baulk at. Sambuca has earned multiple titles in agility, rally and obedience as well as a National Championship in the United States. His trick training is coming along beautifully, and he is also part of the Superdogs Team.


Fabio is “Fabulous Darling.”


Wanting the ultimate challenge, Jennifer brought home what she was told, was the most unintelligent and untrainable breed of dog – an Afghan-Hound. She swiftly set aside all past prejudices while working with this special boy. Jennifer learned that sometimes it is not the breed that makes the dog, but the trainer.

Fabio has won several high in trials in rally obedience and has excelled in trick training. He also showcases with the Superdogs Team, making him a beautiful favorite of the crowd. Brains and beauty are a rare combination for this breed, but Jennifer is thrilled to have this handsome boy to train with the team.

Fabio is still very young. He was born on July 4th/2018, and unlike his birthday, is not so independent. He wants to train and be active. Perhaps he is special… or perhaps it is the training and dedication Jennifer has put into him…. perhaps a little of both. Either way, Fabio is one-of-a-kind, and Jennifer looks forward to seeing him in action when he grows up a little more.

Family Dogs

Other dogs in Jennifer’s household include Hiccup, a 10 year old Blue Merle Sheltie, trained by her eldest son, Tristen. Hiccup is now retired, but she and Tristen competed for many years, starting when Tristen was only 7 years old.

Bubbles, is a 4 year old Sheltie, who is shared with Tristen and his younger brother, Chase. Bubbles will play agility with anyone in the family who is willing.

Juliette, Jennifer’s eldest daughter, has a lovely Black Tri-Sheltie named (you guessed it), Romeo. Juliette and Romeo (8 yrs old), compete in agility together.

Jasmine, the youngest of all of Jennifer’s children, has a blue merle Pomeranian, named Razzle, that she is currently training. Check out her puppy training videos on You tube.

With Jennifer’s four dogs, and her children being active in dog sports, that brings their household to a healthy number of 8 dogs, whom all live busy and happy lives out in the country with their family.