Jen and Daiquiri

Meet Daiquiri, The Dog That Has 12 Guinness Records

Meet Daiquiri, The Dog That Has 12 Guinness Records


Author: Rene Valenzuela  

Date: Friday 3th, June 2022 

The Australian Shepherd rehearsed for his show in Espacio Riesco 

Meet Daiquiri, the dog that has 12 Guinness records 

His owner, Canadian Jennifer Fraser, has trained with him for years and during the pandemic, decided to break new records and achieve new pirouettes with him.   

“Do you have Daiquiris here?” asked this Thursday, in relation to the popular cocktail made with rum and fruit juice, Jennifer Fraser (@jenanddaiquiri) at Espacio Riesco. The dog trainer from Canada and her Australian Shepherd called Daiquiri were training for their shows this weekend at Purina Pro Plan Challenge Cup, a canine event in the venue in Huechuraba, were all the money from tickets is going to be donated to shelters and assistance dog institutions. “Are there Daiquiris here? Because that’s exactly the way Daiquiri is, he’s very loyal, intelligent, and very sweet with everyone”, Fraser explains, talking about her star dog with whom she has achieved 12 Guinness World Records and a handful other awards in worldwide shows, thanks to his ability and speed in tricks and shows, such as their very acrobatic magic-themed show seen in “America’s Got Talent”. 

“Daiquiri is seven years old, and initially, nobody wanted him. He went from house to house. I saw a picture of him, and he broke my heart, I took him home and he was a perfect fit since day one. I have nine dogs in total, and they all perform. But Daiquiri is my favorite, he is my special boy. He follows me everywhere, even the bathroom” says Jennifer, that lives in Hussar, Canada, with her husband and four kids, were she owns the luxury pet hotel Paradise Kennels.  

“When I started training Daiquiri, I noticed he learned the tricks almost immediately, in less than 10 minutes. During the pandemic, there were no dog shows, so I was bored. I went into the Guinness World Record website to look for records for dogs, and I started training for them. The hardest one was the one in which the dog must put 18 pennies inside a piggy bank in a minute. We don’t make money with the shows, but we get sponsors. If we have big shows, we train four times a day, and he can remember the routine for three or four weeks.