Jen and Daiquiri

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Daiquiri is a blue merle, Australian Shepherd, born May 8/2015. He holds multiple titles in agility, rally and obedience. He is the 2019 Alberta Regional Agility Champion. Daiquiri also holds international titles in Italy and the United States, as well as his home country of Canada. He has broken 12 Guinness World Records, one of the hardest being the most tricks in 60 seconds!

Daiquiri was the best puppy from day one. He was always eager to please and learn, which made him the perfect dog to experiment with in the art of trick training.

Daiquiri loved the challenges and the fun tricks he learned with Jennifer, who he adored more than any dog should.

Watch Baby Daiquiri grow up!

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Daiquiri was the pup that no one wanted. He was meant to go home with a family who decided instead to take his brother, leaving Daiquiri with no home. Daiquiri (then named Flint) was moved from home to home until Jennifer was contacted, however, she was not looking for a male puppy at that time. At first, Jen said no!

But Jen kept seeing Daiquiri’s picture pop up on her feed. She discovered Daiquiri’s birthday was the exact date of her first Australian Shepherd, Spice, who sadly passed away to cancer a couple years before. It was Spice who had made Jennifer fall in love with the active and very smart, energetic breed.

It was FATE.

One particular photo, and learning Daiquiri’s birthday, was all it took for Jennifer to allow herself to fall in love. Daiquiri was in her arms in less than 72 hours, and they were on their way to the Agility Nationals in British Columbia, Canada.


“As much as I absolutely love the beautiful and intelligent Australian Shepherd breed, I do not recommend them to anyone who is not totally dedicated to ensuring the dog is extremely well exercised, challenged and trained. Otherwise, they are a handful and can be too difficult to live with – like many herding breeds.”
Baby Daiquiri in training, before he found his forever home with Jennifer.
These are the videos that seduced Jennifer into giving Daiquiri a chance.

Positive Training Using Shaping… at it’s finest. Courtesy of Audrey Vojteck
Flink Creek Dogs, Inc.
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The Picture That Captured Jennifer’s Heart